Friday, 29 May 2015

I'll get it one day!😉

So much for keeping everyone better informed. While most of you would know that I love to talk putting my thoughts done in writing are a lot harder to do.
What have I been up to you wonder? Not a whole lot. I did start dialysis back in June of last year. I was so graciously carted up to Calgary 3 times a week from June until October. I again am so grateful to so many people for their time and efforts to help us out. Hemodialysis wasn't my first choice, but I had needed to get started as soon as possible.mi would sit 'still' for 4 hours at a time and have my blood cleaned up for that time. It was an amazing experience and can honestly say that Dialysis nurses ROCK! They are some of the most caring group of professionals I have ever been around. I was scared and unsure of the whole process, but this fun group of guys and gals made it an amazing experience.
In September I had a catheter inserted into my stomach. Now I would be able to do my dialysis at home. I took lots of training with my mom and good friend, Melinda at the Renal clinic in Calgary. Now the whole process would be up to me! I have to admit that even with visual impairments, it's been a very smooth transition. Not only did I get a little time back to do things, I was far more comfortable doing it in the comfort of my own home. I go for monthly blood work and am in contact with the kidney clinic at the touch of a few buttons. I feel completely at ease with this group of nurses, dieticians, psychologists and doctors. Every facet of this disease has been covered and any question or situation has been met head on. Lucky me!
At the end of November it got better. Rather than hanging multiple bags, multiple times a day they figured I was ready for the 'machine'. A cycler is a machine that I hook up to for 8 hours during the night. Amazing! Now I would have my days back. I have now been on this machine for 6 months and am pleased to report that even though I still have lots of days where I feel tired at least now I can do more.
Having said that I'm having a little trouble getting going. Creativity is a hard one to push when you are completely exhausted. My studio is downstairs and some days the mere thought of going down stresses me out because at some point I will have to come back up!
I am finished a few of my books, working on a surprise with the talented Loree and Sidney, other art projects and little things here and there. I love to still help friends out with design too!
My babies are all happy and healthy and getting started in their own spaces. I'm so proud of each of them and all that they are accomplishing each day. My family have been such a great source of support these last months. I truly don't know where I'd be spiritually or emotionally without them. Cody, Dakota (Dek), Marissa and Darren hear this - you are all my rocks! Thank you so much for your unwavering love.
Believe me when I say this guys, if you have your family to help in times of need you have everything.

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