Saturday, 2 March 2013

The artful procrastinator!

Good morning guys!
So excited about today! Routes magazine is out and I am on the cover! I haven't seen it yet, but my good friend Lee-Anne just called to assure me it looks good. Neville I am sure did wonders with photoshop!!!!
Our art show is in a month.....
What can I say. Oh boy, lots of work to do. For some reason I still after all these years continue to feel that it isn't fun until the pressures on.
1.   I have almost completed another page for my froggie book
2 .  Trying to do some illustrating and painting for the show
3.  Pretending like I  am a great house keeper and wife......

 I have also started a facebook page, karon argue. I have to admit keeping up with social media is hard, so thanks for your continued patience with me. Have a great day everyone!

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